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W0W! i never update this thing anymore! well heres what's happened over the past few months since summer at least- 

. After me and isaiah broke up - me and travis started talking sorta ..*
. I got my learners 2 months ago =)
. uhm school is good i guess.. just hard sometimes!
. Travis asked me out on September 15th =))  -- i love him so much!
. Kane and Yachang started dating on the 19th =]
. i miss travis alot cause we only get to see each other on the weekends cause of stupid college and high school =\...
. i plan on dressing up for halloween and going out! haha-
. Briana is getting very close to due date and i'm super excited!! --
. i haven't seen my sis's in a very long while! but i'm hoping to see them this weekend =)
. which reminds me this weekend is the fall fling 
. i want a puppy =(

.. hmm well i think that's it .. sorry i don't update that much anymore!
  - &hearts;  comments = love <3

                                                                                                                                                                     kbp&tbr <3

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S0.. heres some randoms -instead of an update.

-- Me & Isaiah broke up...
-- I went to the pool ALL day today =) 
-- i had tons of fun!
-- school starts in 5 days =\
-- i'm ready to see everyone again though.
-- i'm gonna go to the movies very soon with some friends and i'm very excited =]
-- i got my school schedual. here it is --coment if you have any classes with me.

* Pe 10 - Wyrick -sp
* Earth Science - aker
* English 10 - Coffey
* Geometry - (i forgot) lol

anywho's i think that is about all for now. 
C0MMENtS = l0VE <3

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hmm.. i'm sorry i don't update more offten but, at least this time i've got good news =)


[[ . . .WHEN i'M WitH Y0U, it'S likE N0tHiNG ElSE MAttERS BUt WHERE lifE tAkES US. . . ]]

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1 Summer &amp; 1 Boy

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 hmm.. i do believe it's about time for an update.  Summer `06  is going good! I haven't got to see a lot a lot of my friends but still things are good. Me & YaChang went to the movies last night to see "Cars" lol* it was hilarious! -- You wanna go "Tractor Tippin" -- haha  anyways.. me and her had to get our time in together cause she is leaving soon 
=(. I've babysat a whole lot this summer =\ it really sucks! 0n the plus side i've went to a few baseball games w/ my sis's! =) 
Love Life this part is starting to get alot better. Me & Isaiah have been talking for close to 3 weeks now. =) he really makes me happy!. Friends what can i say? I love my friends! 
randomness --
-* I go at the end of this month to get my learners --
-* i love this song "Do It To It"
-* i don't have that many randomness this time..=\
  s0o.. i think thats it for this update

Comments = Love  

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Not much has been going on lately i prolly won't have a real update until after the 4th - but until then heres a survey thingy i filled out

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So... heres some memories from last night!

- The Clown! - Omg!  IT WAS SO SCARY!!!! me and Haven both just about Cried!
- Ice cream & Water fights!
- I want some beads! everyone has beads but me! lets go ask that black guy if we can have his! .. uhm..Nevermind i don't think he works here  .. lol*
- Gosh could this stupid line be any Longer! it's taking forever!
- You guys we have 30 mins to get there and back to see the fireworks and it's gonna take us 30 YEARS just to get there!..
- You all i can't cross the road.. ( starts walking.. and Comes THIS-CLOSE to walking into a van!) OMG! .. haha.. i told you all i couldn't!!
- uhm Kayley.. You all are gonna get SHOT for writting on that door!
- Will you guys help me if Tyler's BEAST comes after me? 
- She can't talk right now She's VERY busy! 

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Humm..i do believe it's about time for another update! So heres what's been goin on...

- Today -  I finally went Swimming with YaChang! WH00 H00! l0l- so anyways we went and the water was FREEZING ... brrr! -  haha.. we played basketball with Matt & Robbie & Andrew * that was fun eventhough me and yachang absolutley suck at basketball. haha.. omgosh! i really think something bit me in the pool! i don't know what it was but it bit me! =\ - mems. from today - 
- 0MG! You guys! something just freakin bit me! ... Kayley.. what could have bit you! idk but it hurts!! 
- The Leaning Tower Of KAYlEY 
- I wish i could swim without a nose!
- Something Hit Me In The Face!!!! - R0BBiE! .. ( Kayley slaps Robbie in face! )

- I think he's only in the job for the Whistle! 

- Tomorrow - Well if i luck up again... and my sister will babysitt for me i think i'm gonna try to go to the pool again... but i don't think she will. So .. i guess i'll just babysitt! =( Then i'm gonna try  my bestest to go to the Pound baseball game* =)

- Saturday - Gonna hit up tha pool for tha day! =)

- Sunday - Gettin up early then goin to Tennessee for tha day! Yay i'm excited! ... Everyone is like leaving that day though..=(.. Samantha and Haven are leaving to go see " THE GERMiSH PE0PlE iN WillAMSBURG " <<-- haha right? .. and Justin and Jam and a buncha ppl are leaving for a basketball camp for a couple of days..=(  shew.. i'm gonna miss all of `em.

- Weeks After this - Next week is the Best Friends Festival! whoo hoo i'm excited about that! it's gonna be great! i'll get to see a lot of ppl.. looking very much forward to that... Then i'm gonna re-do my room and paint it and all that good stuff the next weekend =)..And finally i'm ooooberly ExCiTeD about my get-together thing.. i don't really know what it is called.. but anyways a buncha ppl are comin up and we're gonna have a  bombfire and cook-out and all that good stuff! then after - Tha girls - are stayin tha night! whoo hooo! .. 

- hmmm... The usual stuff i talk about like Fam. and Love life* .. well they are both pretty darn good if i could say so! I think i'm starting to like "him" =)  but who knows i don't wanna rush this one.*  Summer `06 ... Well it's just GREAt! 

S0... i think that shall be it for now! 
l0tS 0f C0MMENtS = l0tS 0f l0VE 
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Okay.. so this is just another update to catch you all up on things.. since i haven't updated in a while.

[ Summer `06 ]
    Well what can i say... it's summer.. i love haveing the break from school and everything but i miss somethings about school. But its okay.. humm i went to the pool the first day it opened and go majorly sunburnt...=( and i think i'm gonna go back on Saturday w/a few ppl. Then Saturday night i  might hit up tha movies with YaChang. 

[ Family ]
    Everything under this subject is great! i'm getting along with everyone..except for the certain few... and everything is just so good. =) Tomorrow i'm gonna go out to my sister's and babysitt Emilee and Evan for a while* gsoh.. i don't know what i'd do without those kids..they are my love's! i love them to death! =))

[ Friends ]
    Shew... Nothing to say here other than .. i have the greatest one's of all time! I really don't know where i'd be without you all. &hearts;

[ Love Life ]
     The most dreaded subject.....shew. I really really hate my love life right now. i mean.. there are so many nice sweet loveable guys that like me... and i mean i really like them too.. but i just don't know.* i'm scared of something...=(    and i really really just miss "him"  ... gah! =(( 

but thats about it for now.. i'm gonna leave you all with the song i've listened to all day. since i've been kinda in a grouchy/sad  mood...

- S0NGS AB0Ut RAiN -

Well this town has closed down, way too early
And there's nothing to do
So I'm driving around in circles
And I'm thinking about you
Today I heard you got a new last name
I sure didn't know it was gonna hit me this way
And the radio just keeps on playing all these
Songs About Rain...

Now there's all kinds of songs about babies
and love that goes right,
But for some unknown reason
Nobody wants to play them tonight,
Hey, I hope it's sunny wherever you are
That's sure not the picture, tonight in my car
And it sure ain't easin' my pain
All these songs like...

"Rainy Night In Georgia"
and "Kentucky Rain"
"Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again",
"Blue Eyes Cryin" in the "Early Morning Rain"
They go on and on, and there's no two the same
Oh it would be easy to blame all these
Songs About Rain

Well, I thought I was over you
But I guess maybe I'm not
'Cause when I let you go
Looks like lonely is all that I got
I guess I'll never know what could have been
it sure ain't helping this mood that I'm in
If they're gonna keep on playin these songs like...

"Rainy Night In Georgia"
and "Kentucky Rain"
"Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again",
"Blue Eyes Cryin" in the "Early Morning Rain"
They go on and on, and there's no two the same
Oh how I wish I could blame all these
Songs About Rain

All these Songs About Rain...

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